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The"Mini" series is getting back to what framing used to be about. A tasteful slim touch of gold or silver to frame up a delicate piece of artwork. Some of our customers have been asking for that simple touch and these are the frames to do the job. There are three styles, each offered in two finishes of gold and silver.

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PR4912   3/4" Silver W/Beading Mini's I
PR4913   3/4" God W/Beading Mini's I
PR4916  3/4" Silver W/Flowers Mini's I
PR4917   3/4" Gold W/Flowers Mini's I
PR4918   3/4" Silver Smooth Mini's I
PR4919   3/4" Gold Smooth Mini's I
The original "Mini" series was such a hit that Presto decided to bring out a sequel. The widths range from 1/2" to 1" with tranditional profiles and finishes. The final effect is a real crowd pleaser.
PR1318  1/2" Antique Silver Cap Mini's II
PR1319  1/2" Antique Godl Cap Mini's II
PR1418  3/4" Antique Silver Cap Mini's II
PR1419  3/4" Antique Gold Cap Mini's II
PR4901  1/2" Silver W/Vine Mini's II
PR4902  1/2" Gold W/Vine Mini's II
PR4903  1/2" Walnut W/Vine Mini's II
PR4925  5/8" Antique Silver Reverse Mini's II
PR4926  5/8" Antique Gold Reverse Mini's II
PR4935  1" Antique Silver Reverse Mini's II
PR4936  1" Antique Gold Reverse Mini's II